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Shinetek comes from "Burr"

•In August 2真正的新濠天地网站2, the R&D department was established
•In April 2真正的新濠天地网站3, the first prototype deburring machine was tested successfully
•In December 2真正的新濠天地网站3, the company was founded in Suzhou Industrial Park
•In March 2真正的新濠天地网站4, the first type of deburring machine ZDM-1000S was launched in Shenzhen city, China
•In November 2真正的新濠天地网站4, the type of deburring machine ZDM-1000US was launched in Shanghai city, China
•In March 2真正的新濠天地网站5, the first type of Profile deburring machine ZDM-200PS was launched in Shanghai city, Shanghai
•In July 2真正的新濠天地网站5, the universal deburring machine ZDM-800RS was launched in Beijing city, China
Since 2真正的新濠天地网站6 we have launched:
•ZDM-BS series hairline machine
•ZDM-BR series hairline and rounding machine
•ZDM-TR series deburring and rounding machine
•ZDM-TK series deburring machine
•ZDM-S series slag removal machine


We have also independently developed unmanned deburring machine system, intelligent grinding compensation system, intelligent explosion-proof system, force control grinding system and etc. as well as obtained dozens of inventions and utility model patents, filling in several domestic technical gaps.
•In November 2真正的新濠天地网站6, it was listed in Suzhou Equity Exchange Center.
•In August 2真正的新濠天地网站8, the company obtained the certificate of ISO90真正的新濠天地网站:2真正的新濠天地网站5 Quality Management System.
•In October 2真正的新濠天地网站8, it was awarded the title of private science and technology enterprise in Jiangsu Province.
•In December 2真正的新濠天地网站9, it was awarded the title of national high-tech enterprise.

We are deeply engaged in technical research and product development in the fields of metal grinding, whether it is produced by hairline, deburring, rounding, slag removal or polishing, whether it's a flat or a curve surface, whether it is standard or customized machine, whether it's a single machine or a total grinding machine system...

As long as any kind of your grinding requirments, we will rely on our professional technology and scientific management to provide qualified products and meticulous service, increase the value of your products and take into the consideration of all aspects of your needs.

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